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Our goal at Bob Harris’ Race Tech Info Chassis School is to help you understand your race car. Plain and simple, you can’t make the correct changes if you don’t know that your race car is telling you. We help you get a grasp of dirt chassis set-up so each race team that attends can improve their race program, no two race programs are the same.


We can help you obtain the correct information to help your individual race program excel in the racing that you do. We want you to get a full understanding your chassis, the various components, the suspensions and the track so you can make the right adjustments for your race car and driver. We have a simple straight forward approach to get you the information that is relevant to you, as well as, working displays that offer you a hands-on approach.

  • Who should come to a Race Tech Chassis School?
    Anyone involved in a racing program! Always more to learn to make your program better Understand how your car works to make correct adjustments at the track Race Tech Schools take the guesswork out of chassis set up & tuning No substitute for knowledge & preparation in this highly competitive sport
  • I have attended a Race Tech Chassis School in the past, should I come back!"
    Many drivers, car owners, crew chiefs, & pit crews attend every year Technology changes daily, our class help race teams stay current with trends and technology NEW information, videos, displays every year give you more knowledge of what you can to do make your car better
  • I can't afford all the newest products, should I still come?"
    This class is not a pitch aimed to sell you a new chassis, shocks, or parts Top quality supplies are favorable but not essential We show you how to win with what you have and can afford Race teams that invest in their own knowledge over equipment often finish better
  • What if I don't understand all the technical racing terms?
    We believe in keeping it simple Use graphics, visuals, videos, and hands-on displays to show you how things work Easy to learn, step by step, organized, and racer-friendly
  • Why should I spend $299 for a class?
    Two days of information that can completely turn around your race program If on average you finish two spots ahead of where you finished the season before you will easily pay for this class in just a few nights of racing
  • I have been racing for years, why should I come?"
    This class is not just for beginners Schools can benefit everyone from rookies to veterans Covers every aspect of chassis set up with depth but with an approach everyone can understand Understand how, when, and why to make changes to your car
  • Why is the class 2 days long?
    Give teams the most information in a reasonable length of time at an affordable price Too much information for just one day
  • Should I bring my whole crew?
    Anyone involved in your race program can attend We highly recommend the driver and crew chief Too much info for one person to remember
  • What is in the "Racing Diary"?"
    Chassis Resource Manual in large, 3-ring notebook covers everything in our school and more Organize all your race records & set up info in one spot Understandable pictures, diagrams, & graphs Use during the class, in the shop, or at the track Improves information recall during and after class Great reference throughout the season Lots of areas for notetaking Worth the cost of the school alone
  • What makes this chassis school different?
    Visuals are the key to learning, so our school is loaded with them! Presentation: PowerPoint show on a large screen with many video clips to enhance understanding Simulators: full sized front & rear suspension simulators offer hands on demonstrations Front simulator shows caster/camber and how they stick your front end to the track​ Rear simulator explains the 2-link and 4-link suspensions and how and why they work Displays: shock displays give cutaway view to help understand components inside and how they work to help make a good race car a winning race car​ Chassis Resource Manual: Contains valuable information to use throughout the season and organizes race records and set up info in one spot Time: This school saves many nights of trial and error at the track to understand how the car works and how changes affect its performance
  • Who will benefit from attending the Race Tech Info Chassis School?
    Everyone- driver, crew chief, crew member, or even racing wife/girlfriend Knowledge will increase each team member's value Understanding race car mechanics is the beginning of a championship team
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