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See What Others Have to Say About Bob Harris' Race Tech Info Chassis Schools:

"We enjoyed... the Bob Harris Chassis School... Bob Harris and his staff have an excellent setup, several champions helping us out, and excellent lunch. It would be hard to find a more professional setup than what they have there. Well worth the drive... We recommend this class to all racers and pit crews. Bob is a great man with humor, intelligence, and excellent speaking skills demonstrating his knowledge. Thank you all for making us ready for the green flag!"

-Alan Worth

"Was (at the class) and have to say it was a very awesome class, if you have never been to a class you should. If you're a new driver or a old driver... there is so much you can pick up here."

-Steve Reynolds

"This class was enormously informative. Had a great time with the panel and the amount of information shared is second to none. Highly recommend this class if you want to have a winning program."

-Bobby Montalvo

"Class was very helpful- recommend 100%. The detail and the depth was perfect."

-Chase Scudder

"The 2 Link Seminar... was great. I'd recommend it for everyone who wants to be competitive."

-Don Richardson

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