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BHE is an authorized GRT dealer. We work closely with the chassis manufacturers at GRT to offer you one of the best modified chassis out there.
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Sport Mod


*prices subject to change without notice*
GRT is well known for their high-quality products. We take that to the next level by incorporating information we have been successful with in the last 35 years of modified experience.
We have our chassis built to BHE specifications. The chassis come to us un-powder coated so we can add the final BHE touch and complete your new chassis for each individual customer. Because we are a smaller company, BHE can offer the individual customer more.
BHE is centrally located in Ames, Iowa - the heart of the Midwest. This is an advantage to our customers as it allows for a quicker turn-around on repairs and parts.
We offer a complete service facility to repair your GRT Chassis whether you need stub repair or just general chassis repair.

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