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We offer custom built shock packages for Modified, SportMod/B-Mod, Stock Car, and Street Stock divisions. Custom built beans made according to the needs of an individual customer. We custom build your shock package to your specifications. Our shock experts take into consideration where you race, what chassis you drive, and your particular driving style to build a shock package that will work for you.

6 M80 CSI Racing shocks by BHE
6 AFCO racing shocks by BHE

A custom-built shock from BHE is not an off the shelf shock from a superstore.

  • We rely on only the highest quality products from oil to seals and everything in-between

  • We utilize custom components from all our best suppliers and assemble the shock absorbers on site

  • We employ different prep techniques to enhance the functionality of your shock. Example: “Body Honing” this process creates smother travel with less drag.

  • We have a large research & development team

  • We tailor the shock package to individual race teams

  • We continue to work with you after the sale