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Bob Harris Enterprises travels to numerous racetracks throughout the Midwest to offer a complete trackside shock operation. Our shock service trailer is equipped with all the shock parts for repairs and new products. We can do everything to your shock package that we can do in our shop!

Bobby Harris working on shock in BHE's shock trackside sevice trailer
Bob Harris Enterprises Trackside Service Trailer at the Races

Our traveling facility gives us the opportunity to work closely with both new and current customers in the setting they operate. Accidents happen and we work hard to get your custom suspension back on the track as soon as possible.

Much of our product research and development happens during the season on the track, giving us a chance to help fine tune customers' shock packages, along with getting instant feedback.

Bob Harris Enterprises Trackside Shock Service Trailer

We pride ourselves on this great service and know that it goes a long way in building and strengthening our customer relationships, and it's a great opportunity for BHE to meet with many of the customers we don't see every week.

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