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We are a complete chassis and body fabrication facility. BHE Fab is proud to be an authorized GRT repair center. Our fabrication department is equipped with a full chassis jig offering many types of repairs to get your chassis back to “like new” condition. Our Fabrication Shop is not limited to repairing just GRT, we have the ability to update numerous chassis brands.
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Bob Harris Enterprises can fix your bent stubs, bumpers and more to get your damaged car back on the track quickly and safely. We have many in-house services including/ but not limited to:​
  • Full Stub Replacement
  • Partial Stub Section Replacement
  • Tail Section Repairs
  • Full Chassis Repairs
  • Various Chassis Updates
Call 515.292.9200 for other repair services.
We also offer quality repairs on most brands of modifieds and limited modifieds. Was your chassis in a major wreck? We can bring your severely damaged car back to life in a timely manner.
Bob Harris Enterprises Dirt Race Car Chassis Repair
Bob Harris Enterprises Dirt Race Car Chassis Repair
Do you have an older chassis that is out of date? BHE Fabrication can update your chassis with the latest suspension and chassis components. BHE Fabrication has the knowledge and technology to update most chassis brands.
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We offer many updating services to bring your chassis up to speed, including but not limited to:
  • BHE Front Geometry Update
  • Rear Suspension Update
  • Rear Suspension Conversions
  • Chassis Conversions for Different Sanctioning Bodies
  • Chassis Division Conversions
  • Full Interior and Body Replacement for most Chassis Brands
Other update options available, call 515.292.9200.
Chassis Updating
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