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Part# QC 61-7012

QuickCar’s Extreme Gauges are set apart from other mechanical gauges by the internal warning light feature. As pressures drop or temperatures rise, internal LED lights illuminate causing the entire face of the gauge to change color. This panel has Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, and Fuel Pressure Extreme mechanical gauges mounted in a black plate measuring 10-1/2” wide and 4-1/2” tall. Panel comes complete with all sending units and wiring to complete the installation. The Water Temp. gauge comes with a 1/2”-NPT adapter to mount in almost any high-performance engine while Oil and Fuel Pressure both have a standard 1/8”-NPT fitting for plumbing lines (sold separately). Internal warning lights activate when Oil Pressure drops below 20 PSI, Water Temp. goes above 235°F, and Fuel Pressure drops below 15 PSI.


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