Part #'s

Cork-  FEL 1604

Rubber-  FEL 1628

FEL-PRO Performance Gaskets provide a durable, leak-resistant seal on racing and special performance engines and are intended for use by the professional race engine builder or the serious amateur enthusiast who will settle for nothing less than the best. 



(Cork Style) - Fel-Pro manufactures Cork-Lam valve cover gaskets with a steel core sandwiched in between two layers of cork-rubber material. The steel core prevents movement under high-vacuum or high-pressure operating conditions, making these gaskets an excellent choice when high-vacuum or blowout conditions can cause problems. The design provides thicker-than-normal gaskets, which allow for clearance between the valvetrain and the valve cover and can help seal imperfect surfaces.


(Rubber Style) - Perma-Torque / Blue Stripe and Printoseal Wire Ring Head Gaskets minimize torque loss. Blue Stripe Cork/Lam Steel Core Valve Cover Gaskets resist being blown out or drawn in under race conditions. Printoseal Intake Manifold Gaskets seal extra tight around the ports and resist soaking from gasoline, alcohol and oil. Steel Core Performance Exhaust Header Gaskets offer maximum blowout resistance and maintain header reversion effect for full engine power.