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Wilwood 150-8936K

  • Medium friction, smooth engagement, low abrasion on iron rotors.
  • Flat torque curve.
  • Low to medium wear rate, increases as temperature increases
  • Most commonly used on Right Front calipers


Wilwood 150-9422K

  • Medium friction, highest effective temperarture range in medium temperature pad group.
  • Smooth engagement, torque curve increases in relation to temperature
  • Moderate wear rate at high temperature
  • Most commonly used on Left Front caliper


Wilwood 150-12250K

  • A very high friction pad with aggressive initial response.
  • Immediate low tempeature response.
  • Low wear rate
  • Most Commonly used arcross Both Rear calipers


(Prices do vary between pads)

Wilwood Brake Pads

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