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Understanding Shock Technology and its value is the difference between Winning and 2nd place. Fine tuning your race carwith shocks will give you a competitive edge! They will not make an ill handling car with suspension problems handle better. They will, however, take a good handling car and make it a winning race car.

Special valving can make your shocks handle the way you need them to, not the standard way most drivers are accustomed too. Whether it is a rebuild, repair or a brand new shock we will make sure your shock program gives you the edge you need to win races and championships.


Shock Services2

We believe that shock maintenance is so important, when you purchase new shocks or have us rebuild your current shocks we are committed to ensure your shocks are performing correctly. We will dyno your shocks free of charge to compare it to the original settings for as long as you own the shock. Each shock we sell or rebuild is given a serial number and kept in our data system for reference. This enables us to compare each individual shock to its own original settings. This valuable maintenance service agreement will help stay you ahead of the competition.

The off season is the perfect time to re-evaluate your shock program. You use this time to rebuild & repair your engines, you should take this time to rebuild and repair your shocks as well.

A shock is a cylinder made up of seals, valves, bleeds and oil. Over the course of a season dirt and grime can penetrate the cylinder and get inside. When this happens the shock will begin to wear out and fade. The internal components are a consumable item and need to be replaced at regular intervals to maintain the long term life and maximize it's performance. 

The new T2 piston upgrade is now available for all 13 & 19 Series AFCO shocks. The new piston is a definite performance advantage over the previous design. Call today for more details. 

We use the best quality oil available to minimize the effects of wear, however, increased usage will cause the oil to break down. This will cause your shocks to lose performance with fatigue and wear. Fortunately if you take preventative measures, by having you shocks rebuilt & dyno’d you can preserve the life of this important suspension part of your chassis and maximize performance. 

Routine shock maintenance and servicing is vital to get the best performance and handling for your race car. Our standard rebuild service includes:

• Complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, and inspection of the shock main components
• Replacement of all O-Rings and seals
• New oil replacement
• Replace necessary valve shims
• Dyno and set to factory specs
• Each shock receives a serial number (for future reference)

Our Authorized Shock Specialist can also custom build your shocks with valving that you need for the tracks you race. For example, he can customize your shock to be soft at a lower speed for dry slick tracks. This service is available in any 13, 19, M2 or T2 series AFCO rebuildable shocks. Get a jump on your competitors while there is a minimal wait time.


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